General Questions

  1. Which services do we offer?

    We provide consultations on the servicing, repair and networking of  Mac & PC computers and website updating for commercial and residential clients. With the knowledge of new technologies, we find the best solutions to fit your business. If you also need to order computers or hardware we will facilitate your needs.

  2. Who would mainly use our services?

    Small businesses to large corporations can utilize our tech support and services. We can be outsourced to fix computers, a failing network to even remote monitoring your servers to  ensure your company stays up and running.

  3. Why choose us over bigger companies?

    With us, Customer Service is #1 and far exceeds that of our competitors. We offer  lower prices with equal quality of workmanship or better. and give one-on-one interaction with our clients in a friendly and professional environment.

  4. How do I book an appointment?

    There are two options for booking an appointment based on your needs:

    Option 1 ( for Initial Consult Only)

    Click  the Appointments tab and select a time for the initial consultation.   A confirmation email will be sent  within 24 hours before the meeting . All appointments must booked a day in advance.

    Option 2 ( For Computer Services without a consultation)

    If you wish, to make an apointment for servicing without a consultation visit,  then book us for an extended amount of time ( min.  of 1 hrs, max. of 4 hrs.) and include our hourly rate to the paypal account. Also include a description of which task we will be performing.

  5. What are our payment options?

    We accept only company cheques,  paypal transactions( with credit card ), and cash payments.  We also accept bank manager's checks.for the fees & charges associated with ordering  hardware and/or other services,

    Personal cheques are not prohibited.

  6. Do we build websites?

    No, we dont currently build websites but we can manage them and refer you to a reliable source.

  7. Do we service Mac computers?

    Yes, we perform repairs, installations and netowrking on Mac and PC systems. Mac is evolving and growing within the  busieness world and we have the capability to assist our clients in this area.

  8. What are our business hours?

    Our business hours are Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm and saturdays from 10am - 4pm for all services but are availabe to perform tasks outside of these hours upon request.

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