Quotes TecGroove helped me understand my MacBook and installed new applications on it. They did such a good job with it I decided to let them fix two older pc laptops and now they work like new! :) Quotes
Dennis Miller

Quotes Thanks to TecGroove I get my computer repairs done while I fix cell phones and work on my sales departments. Now I have some time to move around between my stores. They also blocked Facebook and other social networks from my office to increase productivity! Thanks Guys! Quotes
Ian Antonio
Founder of CTI Cellular

Quotes Sold me a lovely MacBook Pro 13.1" , never was much of a Mac fan until they explained all the things they can do. Still have some programs I need to run but, windows applications don't work on osx. One of the technicians installed windows on one side of the hard drive so now I have windows on my Macbook! I thought that was just amazing, I just had to tip him for it. Quotes
Bruno Pletscher
C.E.O. of F.A.B.

Quotes They removed a very troublesome virus from my computer that someone emailed to me. Wouldn't allow me to install anything on it or remove programs. They got me sorted out in one afternoon and installed and anti-virus software. Quotes
Perry Albury