IT Services

With flexible hours & timely repairs, TecGroove offers the advantage of not being limited to the 9-5 schedule to receive a solution for your computer needs.  We provide the following services 6 days a week to all (commercial & residential) clients:

  • Professional Home or Office PC Repairs
  • One-on-One computer assistance 
  • Software & Hardware Installation 
  • Small Business IT Services & solutions 
  • Pick up & Drop off Services 
  • Web Design, Development & Hosting
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Cards & Flyers
  • Social Media Development

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Virtual Marketing

With this contracted services, your businesses can receive the following through our marketing services:

  • Improved customer traffic,
  • Improved customer satisfaction & referrals,
  • Increased community & national awareness of your business

The emergence of the Internet era provides your business the opportunity to expand its reach to its target audience as well as serve its existing members and loyalists in a far effective manner.


Introduction to Apple is a four (4) day course inclusive of:

  • The founding of Apple
  • How to install and remove applications
  • OS formatting and Installation
  • Apple Care

Introduction to PC is a five (5) day course inclusive of:

  • Basic Operation
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Installation and Removal of software / hardware
  • Protection options

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